Hello, our names are Cindy and Kent. We were first introduced to the shih tzu breed  by a long time friend. We were so in love we immediately went looking for a shih tzu of our very own. Little did we know, one just wouldn't be enough. We now have  7  girl shih tzu and 4 male shih tzu, all of our shih tzu are AKC registered with a pedigree name that starts with "Chi-Town's" because all of our doggies that we named have names that are related to Chicago in one way or another. We also have a rescue dog, Phoebe. Our doggies are our pets and our family. This is our "brag" book, it is meant to be a showcase of our doggies and their babies. A way to express our good qualities and that of our doggies, in an attractive way, for our family, friends and our fans.

Occassioanally our shih tzu have babies. As a family we pick a theme to name the litters after, sometimes we have to be creative and other times the names come easy. Our fans tell us how much they enjoy the names we come up with, all of the time. We get so much joy out of watching the babies change, and grow until they go home with their new families. Caring for all of the dogs in our home is our passion. The personality of a shih tzu is an amazing thing. I guess you would need to love one (or more) to understand....

By now you're probably wondering what our home looks like, haha, well, I can tell you that our home is a very clean, loving environment for our doggies. And we are not just saying that, we have been told time and time again how clean our home is and how loving our dogs are.

The health of our dogs is very important to us. We keep them happy, healthy, well socialized. We work very closely with our vet and we follow their medical advice. We reach out to them quite often and they are always there to help.  Please feel free to VISIT THEIR WEBSITE

Please enjoy browsing our website and let us know if we can help you with your next shih tzu!